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Christoph Wickert 02-02-2012 10:41 AM

Christoph's board member tasks
Projects I'd like to champion as a board member:

I. Improve collaboration and coordination
This is one of strategic goals the board agreed on last year, but AFAICS
not much has actually changed. Therefor I'd like to help implementing
this with a few projects:
1. Evaluate groupware solutions for Fedora.
2. Fedora Council, a round table for coordination [1]. This is more
of an idea at the moment rather than an actual project.
3. Streamlining processes and standard operating procedures

II .Less red tape
I am currently working on new election guidelines for FAmSCo [2]. We
already agreed on taking over large parts of the guidelines of the board
or FESCo, but rather than copying them I'd like all bodies to agree on
common definitions. Even if we have different definitions for
"candidates" or "voters", it really makes no sense to have 3 different
definitions of "seat" or "schedule". Instead we should just establish a
common schedule and refer to it in all policies.

III: Streamline standard operating procedures
1. I am already working on a new spins process [3]. It should not
only be an improvement over the current process but be ,much
closer to the feature process. Ideally, both will be handled by
the same wrangler and share a common schedule.
2. The ambassadors have 5 regional trackers (NA, LATAM, EMEA, APAC
and India plus FAmSCo's trac. I don't want to close and of them
down, but we should develop common procedures to handle swag
production and shipping throughout all 6 trackers.
3. We have way more examples of where we have similar, but slightly
different processes. Let's evaluate what can be consolidated.

IV. Budget and reimbursements
This has been a core problem of Fedora for quite a while. What we need
1. Contributors need faster and more reliable reimbursements
2. Easier reviews. What can be approved by whom?
3. Common reporting guidelines for CommArch and community credit
card holders
4. More money for technical people or projects. We should spend
more money on FADs that address a clearly defined issue rather
than just promoting Fedora on everywhere. Non-ambassadors need
an easier way to get money for their projects.

As you can see, most of my task have to deal with governance, but of
course I will keep up my work as packager, Spin SIG member and whatnot.

I cannot promise I'll finish all of my tasks, but as a lot of the work
has already started and I have awesome people to support me, I am
confident I'll manage to implement the most important changes.

Kind regards,


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