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"Paul W. Frields" 06-18-2010 07:26 PM

Fedora Board Recap 2010-06-18

== Roll call ==
* Present: Paul Frields, Christopher Aillon, Colin Walters, Rex Dieter, Chris Tyler, Matt Domsch, Mo Duffy, Jon Stanley, Stephen Smoogen
* Regrets: Tom 'spot' Callaway
* Assigned meeting secretary: Christopher Aillon

== Agenda ==

=== Organizational matters ===
* Welcome to the new Board members!
* Brief update on meeting and issue tracking details (Paul)
* May discuss sensitive matters. These will be noted, please keep them private.
* Board members do not necessarily speak for their employers.
* Trac access granted to new members, issues are potentially confidential in nature -- goal is to move as much of that material into minutes and IRC as possible.
* Gobby used for taking meeting minutes, posted to
* Discuss issues on advisory-board list when possible, use the private list only for confidential items

=== Top issues for F14 cycle ===
* Get consensus on agenda for next ~6 months, focus on moving Fedora to next level
** High impact items to benefit the project or contributors
** Will be incredibly useful for FPL successor
* Simply stating problems for now -- keep in mind that lots of Fedora works great -- we focus on the negative in this list as a way to embrace change and keep growing/moving forward
* Limit to 3 minutes per person, then prioritize with remaining time
* Christopher Aillon
** Fedora needs a target experience, more than a target user. -- facilitate them to go from random user to someone who will file a bug (and then onward)
** Fedora needs to be the open source development platform of choice
* Rex Dieter
** We need to keep the community positive
** Rawhide needs to be more consumable (and consumed)
** Fedora needs to be easier and more welcoming for alternative desktops
* Matt Domsch
** Fedora + Cloud: Fedora is great for platform as a service, and need to push Fedora as the OS of choice for cloud applications
** We need to keep the community positive, and take decisive action in cases of extreme negativity
* Mo Duffy
** Confusion around target experience.
*** Spins one area of confusion: should be closer to package groups, having to pick 1 spin is too restrictive
** Mailing lists are a time sink
** Losing mindshare - Need more marketing, Need more FOSS developers on Fedora, 3rd party software install is painful (especially when no Fedora packages provided)
* Smooge
** Poisonous people make Fedora unpleasant to contribute to and are too prevalent [Noisy idiots is a better term look it up online]
** Still too many people using EOL Fedora versions (in part due to EC2 issue)
** We are not focusing towards eventual enterprise goals... We seem to wander from release to release without long term focus.
* Jon Stanley
** Poisonous people tend to dominate discussions, need to find a way to fix this
** Update stability, need to keep an eye on this issue with FESCo
* Chris Tyler
** Joining Fedora is not as clear and consistent as it could be
** Onramping: Make it easy for truly interested people to join Fedora and become effective contributors
* Colin Walters
** Upgrade experience: have to do better here, not just packages but distros
** Need to minimize regressions
** Need to raise contributor interest in the default desktop (few new app suggestions for ex)
* Paul
** Need to have a clear way to oppose useless trolling
* Mo
** Negativity is a result of no clear vision or focus, we have one vision per person
* Paul
** many of these problems are interlaced and need to be solved together to truly tackle the problem
** Artificial separation between e.g. FESCo and Board -- need people to work closer together

Top 3 issues
* Negativity
* Fedora Experience
* Mindshare (via cloud, etc.)

== Next meeting ==
* Proposed: Cancel 2010-06-25 -- Red Hat Summit
* Next meeting: 2010-07-02 UTC 1800, public IRC meeting

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