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advisory-board Digest, Vol 50, Issue 9
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Try to put your self into the position of a complete Fedora newcomer.

You started with an arbitrary Linux-distro some years ago, some time
later discovered Fedora and were told there are possibilties to
"contribute packages". After having gone pregnant with this thought for
some time, you decide to do "dive into it".

Initially you will start with visiting ""
... At this point the "fun" starts ... dive through the wiki, be
confronted with FAS, bugzilla, FPG (and dozens of subdocuments), bodhi,
koji, packagedb, dozens of mailing lists,
mentors/sponsors/proven-packagers etc.

Later you'll be greeted with a confusing review process (e.g. flaged
reviews), divering, sometimes contradicing opinions and sometimes silly

I seriously wonder how a real new-comer can ever make it through this
"forrest". As I see it, what is in dire need is an "easy to use",
"unified" package submission-/package administration GUI.

I agree with this view. I'm a Fedora newcomer (been using it for years, but not a programmer.) I would love to learn to program, but I get lost everytime I try to figure out "the system." A page showing step-by-step what I need to do would be AWESOME! How do I learn a language? What language(s)? How do I maintain a package? What simple things can I do to help the project as a whole?

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