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Old 05-11-2010, 12:22 AM
EPEL Beta Report
Default epel beta report: 20100511 changes

Compose started at Tue May 11 00:05:29 UTC 2010

New package Spawning
A HTTP server for hosting WSGI python web applications
New package activemq-cpp
C++ implementation of JMS-like messaging client
New package ann
Library for searching Approximate Nearest Neighbors
New package arp-scan
Scanning and fingerprinting tool
New package atari++
Unix based emulator of the Atari eight bit computers
New package atasm
6502 cross-assembler
New package balance
TCP load-balancing proxy server with round robin and failover mechanisms
New package bucardo
Postgres replication system for both multi-master and multi-slave operations
New package callweaver
The Truly Open Source PBX
New package collectl
A utility to collect various linux performance data
New package dahdi-tools
Userspace tools to configure the DAHDI kernel modules
New package devio
Read and write utility for block devices
New package dropbear
SSH2 server and client
New package ez-ipupdate
Client for Dynamic DNS Services
New package fedora-usermgmt
Fedora tools for user management
New package fpaste
A simple tool for pasting info onto fpaste.org
New package freetds
Implementation of the TDS (Tabular DataStream) protocol
New package garmindev
Drivers for communication with Garmin GPS devices
New package glib
A library of handy utility functions
New package gtk+
The GIMP ToolKit
New package hercstudio
GUI front-end to the Hercules mainframe Emulator
New package hercules
Hercules S/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture emulator
New package iksemel
An XML parser library designed for Jabber applications
New package js
JavaScript interpreter and libraries
New package libgdiplus
An implementation of the GDI+ API
New package libpri
An implementation of Primary Rate ISDN
New package libresample
A real-time library for audio sampling rate conversion
New package libss7
SS7 protocol services to applications
New package loudmouth
XMPP/Jabber C programming library
New package mISDN
Userspace part of Modular ISDN stack
New package maxima
Symbolic Computation Program
New package mydns
A Database based DNS server
New package pen
Load balancer for "simple" tcp based protocols such as http or smtp
New package perl-DBIx-Safe
Safer access to your database through a DBI database handle
New package perl-Module-Signature
CPAN signature management utilities and modules
New package pki-symkey
Symmetric Key JNI Package
New package podofo
Tools and libraries to work with the PDF file format
New package python-pycha
A library for drawing charts with Python and Cairo
New package pywebdav
WebDAV library
New package qgit
GUI browser for git repositories
New package radiusclient-ng
RADIUS protocol client library
New package ripmime
Extract attachments out of a MIME encoded email packages
New package rkhunter
A host-based tool to scan for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits
New package spandsp
A DSP library for telephony
New package squirrel
High level imperative/OO programming language
New package torque
Tera-scale Open-source Resource and QUEue manager
New package touchcal
Calibration utility for touch screens
New package xa
6502/65816 cross-assembler
New package xemacs
Different version of Emacs
New package xrdp
Open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server
Removed package symkey
Added Packages: 50
Removed Packages: 1
Modified Packages: 0

epel-devel-list mailing list
Old 05-11-2010, 07:23 PM
EPEL Beta Report
Default epel beta report: 20100511 changes

Compose started at Tue May 11 19:14:31 UTC 2010

New package bouncycastle
Bouncy Castle Crypto Package for Java
New package gstreamer-java
Java interface to the gstreamer framework
New package gtkterm
Serial port terminal
New package lib3ds
3D Studio file format library
New package libpng10
Old version of libpng, needed to run old binaries
New package milter-regex
Sendmail milter plugin for regular expression filtering
New package mod_fcgid
FastCGI interface module for Apache 2
New package munge
Enables uid & gid authentication across a host cluster
New package mysql-mmm
Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL
New package perl-Class-Loader
Load modules and create objects on demand
New package perl-Curses
Perl bindings for ncurses
New package perl-Data-Buffer
Read/write buffer class for perl
New package perl-Date-Simple
Simple date object for perl
New package perl-Digest-MD2
Perl interface to the MD2 Algorithm
New package perl-Digest-MD4
Perl interface to the MD4 Algorithm
New package perl-Event
Event loop processing
New package perl-IO-Multiplex
IO-Multiplex module for perl
New package perl-Jcode
Perl extension interface for converting Japanese text
New package perl-Math-GMP
High speed arbitrary size integer math
New package pyactivemq
Python wrapper around activemq-cpp for messaging
New package rxtx
Parallel communication for the Java Development Toolkit
New package scribus
DeskTop Publishing application written in Qt
New package xemacs-packages-base
Base lisp packages for XEmacs
New package zabbix
Open-source monitoring solution for your IT infrastructure
Updated Packages:

* Wed Apr 21 2010 Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com> 0.5.16-1
- fix use of prior repodata (<jkeating@redhat.com>)

* Fri Apr 16 2010 Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com> 0.5.15-1
- branched compose configuration tweaks
- speed up composes a teeny bit

* Tue Feb 23 2010 Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com> 0.5.14-1
- further changes for NFR (<jkeating@redhat.com>)

* Fri Feb 19 2010 Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com> 0.5.13-1
- assorted fixes for no-frozen-rawhide
- make package hash directories all lowercase

* Wed Feb 17 2010 Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com> 0.5.12-1
- adjust for branched trees and no-frozen-rawhide (<jkeating@redhat.com>)
- allow for source repos to be optional (<jgregusk@redhat.com>)
- allow for pulling all builds, not just latest (<kanarip@fedoraunity.org>)
- enable hashed packages for rawhide

* Fri Dec 18 2009 Bill Nottingham <notting@redhat.com> 0.5.11-1
- allow package directories to be hashed by the package name
(adapted from <skvidal@fedoraproject.org>)

* Thu Apr 29 2010 Dan Horák <dan[at]danny.cz> 0.8.0-1
- updated to 0.8.0

Added Packages: 24
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 2

epel-devel-list mailing list

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