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Old 12-06-2011, 02:28 PM
Default Moderate: ipa security and bug fix update

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================================================== ===================
Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Moderate: ipa security and bug fix update
Advisory ID: RHSA-2011:1533-04
Product: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Advisory URL: https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2011-1533.html
Issue date: 2011-12-06
CVE Names: CVE-2011-3636
================================================== ===================

1. Summary:

Updated ipa packages that fix one security issue and several bugs are now
available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

The Red Hat Security Response Team has rated this update as having moderate
security impact. A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score,
which gives a detailed severity rating, is available from the CVE link in
the References section.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 6) - i386, x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop Optional (v. 6) - i386, x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Node (v. 6) - x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Node Optional (v. 6) - x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6) - i386, ppc64, s390x, x86_64
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation (v. 6) - i386, x86_64

3. Description:

Red Hat Identity Management is a centralized authentication, identity
management and authorization solution for both traditional and cloud based
enterprise environments. It integrates components of the Red Hat Directory
Server, MIT Kerberos, Red Hat Certificate System, NTP and DNS. It provides
web browser and command-line interfaces. Its administration tools allow an
administrator to quickly install, set up, and administer a group of domain
controllers to meet the authentication and identity management requirements
of large scale Linux and UNIX deployments.

A Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) flaw was found in Red Hat Identity
Management. If a remote attacker could trick a user, who was logged into
the management web interface, into visiting a specially-crafted URL, the
attacker could perform Red Hat Identity Management configuration changes
with the privileges of the logged in user. (CVE-2011-3636)

Due to the changes required to fix CVE-2011-3636, client tools will need to
be updated for client systems to communicate with updated Red Hat Identity
Management servers. New client systems will need to have the updated
ipa-client package installed to be enrolled. Already enrolled client
systems will need to have the updated certmonger package installed to be
able to renew their system certificate. Note that system certificates are
valid for two years by default.

Updated ipa-client and certmonger packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
were released as part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. Future updates will
provide updated packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

This update includes several bug fixes. Space precludes documenting all of
these changes in this advisory. Users are directed to the Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 6.2 Technical Notes for information on the most
significant of these changes, linked to in the References section.

Users of Red Hat Identity Management should upgrade to these updated
packages, which correct these issues.

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously-released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

This update is available via the Red Hat Network. Details on how to
use the Red Hat Network to apply this update are available at

5. Bugs fixed (http://bugzilla.redhat.com/):

680504 - Can not delete reverse DNS record - interactive CLI mode
681978 - Uninstalling client if the server is installed should be prevented
681979 - Man page is not clear for ipa-client-install --on-master option usage
688925 - IPA Replica Install Hangs if DS port is unreachable by Master Server
689023 - Can't create password policy via UI
689810 - Inconsistent Error message attempting to add duplicate user
690185 - Uninstalling ipa-client doesn't restore some files, if reinstalled with -force option
690473 - Installing ipa-client indicates DNS is updated for this unknown hostname, but is not on server
692144 - Uninstalling ipa-client doesn't restore sssd.conf, if previously installed with --no-sssd option
692950 - Installing ipa server with --no-reverse option sets up reverse zone
693464 - Make explicit reference to ds-replication package
693483 - Duplicate GIDs
693766 - Mismatch in man page and --help for ipa-server-install
693771 - Preinstall check needed if zonemgr has special char
696193 - Client install fails on ipa-join when master is down, and replica is running.
696268 - IPA server install with DNS setup, and with --ip-address cannot resolve hostnames
696282 - Preinstall check needed if subject is not specified in required format
697009 - ipa-replica-manage: man page and help pages do not match
697878 - IPA server install should wait for Directory Server port to open after every restart of dirsrv
698219 - Uninstalling ipa-client fails, if it joined replica when being installed
698421 - IPA Replica Installing failing on during replication update
700586 - brand name error in ipa-dns-install cli, it still says "FreeIPA Server"
701325 - Unable to Download Certificate with Browser
703188 - TPS: Source rebuild Failures on x86_64 client and workstation
703869 - Managed Entry Configuration Not Setup when installing replica server
704012 - IPA Replica Installation Fails - reverse address doesn't match error
705794 - IPA Replica not started on reboot
705800 - Improve debug logging in ipa-client-install
707001 - Illegal CL input results in NULL csr when requesting external ca.
707009 - IPA server with external CA fails with cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects
707133 - Successful "ipa-nis-manage enable" command has exit status as 1.
707229 - ipa-server-install with --no-host-dns still checks DNS
707312 - Add support for loading new zones from LDAP
708294 - No output while deleting a sudorule.
709645 - Remaining external hosts not displayed while removing one from a sudorule.
709665 - Removed external host is displayed in the output when "--all" switch is used.
710240 - Added option to Sudo rule message is displayed even when the given option already exists.
710245 - Removed option from Sudo rule message is displayed even when the given option doesn't exist.
710253 - RunAs group is not displayed in output while adding as sudorule-add-runasuser with --groups swtich.
710494 - ipa-nis-manage crashes if the specified passwd file does not exist.
710530 - ipa-nis-manage does not quit when an empty password is entered.
710592 - ipa sudocmd-add accepts blank spaces as sudo commands.
710598 - ipa sudocmdgroup-add accepts blank spaces as sudocmdgroup name.
710601 - ipa sudorule-add accepts blank spaces as sudorule name.
711667 - Comma separated values for --runasexternaluser option in sudorule-mod are accepted as a single value.
711671 - Comma separated values for --runasexternalgroup option in sudorule-mod are accepted as a single value.
711761 - Internal error while removing sudorule option without "--sudooption".
711786 - sudorunasgroup automatically picks up incorrect value while adding a sudorunasuser.
712889 - Internal Error: ipa cert-remove-hold ; revocation reason 7
713069 - Comma separated values for --externaluser option in sudorule-mod are accepted as a single value.
713374 - Misleading purpose statement for "ipa help sudorule-remove-runasuser"
713380 - RunAs group is not displayed in output while removing as sudorule-add-runasuser with --groups swtich.
713385 - Missing label for "ipasudorunas_group".
713481 - Removed "RunAs External Group" is displayed in the output when "--all" switch is used.
713501 - Inconsistency in how "runas" is termed.
713531 - [ipa webui] error msg does not match with UI label
713549 - [ipa webui] Deleting more than 2 elements leaves the Delete prompt open
713603 - [ipa webui] inconsistent user member list
713798 - Set allow-recursion by default in IPA DNS
714238 - --sizelimit unhelpful error with *-find commands
714597 - ipa-client-install adds duplicate information to krb5.conf
714600 - ipa-client-install should configure sssd to store password if offline
714919 - ipa-client-install should configure hostname
714924 - ipa-client-install complains about non-existing nss_ldap
715112 - Managed Entries: mep_mod_post_op: Unable to update mapped attributes from origin entry
716287 - ipa host-mod --setattr should not allow enrolledBy to be changed
716432 - when directory server debugging enabled, ipactl should not display debugging
716462 - IPA with integrated DNS - reverse zone is now being added incorrectly
717020 - [ipa webui] When deactivating user, it updates the user, without having to click on "update" btn
717625 - [ipa webui] Unable to update config changes
717724 - [ipa webui] Config: Certificate Subject Base - Should not be Editable
717726 - [ipa webui] Config: Name on the configuration page is irrelevant and means nothing to an admin
717729 - [ipa webui] Config: Missing configurable options
717732 - [ipa webui] Config: Page Needs Better Organization
717965 - ipa config-show : should display new "Password Expiration Notification"
718062 - When admin resets a user's password with "ipa passwd" user's failed log in count is not reset
719656 - Disabling ipa-nis-manage removes netgroup compat suffix in DS.
720011 - [ipa webui] Add Host: dns zone filter replaces text already typed in hostname.
720013 - [ipa webui] Add Host: dns zone filter should not list reverse zones
720336 - WebUI not displaying admin options if the user is admin, but only via nested group
720711 - Users are not matched from sudo client.
722228 - [ipa webui] Force Add Host with IP address - Allows cancel but still adds host and dns record
722468 - [ipa webui] Host Edit Page lists Host Name twice
723027 - [ipa webui] Host Edit Page Missing Fields
723233 - HBAC rule :: invalid error message now that deny rule is deprecated and help needs update
723241 - Unexpected error message with krb Failure Count Interval on i386
723622 - Need an arch-specific Requires on cyrus-sasl-gssapi
723624 - Regression: Internal Error: Adding Host Groups
723778 - No output while deleting an automount location.
723781 - Missing message summary while adding an automount location.
723882 - [ipa webui] Host OTP from previously added host appears in new host's edit page
723969 - Regression: Incorrect Error message returned attempting to add user with uid 0
723990 - Can not create replication package with ipa-replica-prepare
724036 - Internal error revoking certificate - default revocation reason
725433 - automountmap gets added even though the return code is 1.
725763 - Incorrect message summary while adding an automountkey.
726028 - Automountkey value doesn't get renamed.
726123 - Unable to use "--continue" option with "ipa automountkey-del".
726454 - [ipa webui] After setting an OTP the Web UI does not indicate one was set
726526 - Reduce number of ports used by CS in IPA by default
726715 - Importing /etc/auto.master does not detect and import /etc/auto.direct.
726722 - Error message states 'automountlocationcn' while add/mod/del automountmap or automountkey with empty location.
726725 - Error message states 'automountmapautomountmapname' while add/mod/del automountkey with empty automountmap name.
726751 - [ipa webui] Hostgroups :: enroll :: Error 'cn' required when attempting to filter groups with hide already enrolled unchecked
726943 - IPA should enable configurable ports for its management web interface
727282 - [ipa webui] Can not get or view host certificate - Regression
727691 - [IPA WebUI] Identity->DNS : why there is "member" and "setting" under DNS operation
727921 - [ipa webui] Hostgroup :: No memberOf Net Groups Tab
728118 - Regression: Unknown attribute 'ipasudorunasgroup_group" displayed while adding sudo runasgroup.
728614 - el61 - ipa-replica-install does not check for dbus, fails on certmonger
728950 - IPA should start even if certs are expired
729089 - [ipa webui] Does not return appropriate error when deleting an external host but checking update dns
729166 - ipa-server-install creates wrong reverse zone record in LDAP
729245 - Regression: Missing message summary while adding sudooption.
729246 - Regression: Missing message summary while removing sudooption.
729377 - ipa-server-install fails on DNS errors when no DNS check is required
729665 - [ipa webui] Checking/Unchecking "Hide already enrolled" doesn't change list;
730436 - use slapi_rwlock instead of NSPR PR_RWLock directly
730713 - [ipa webui] Checkbox stays checked after deleting a list of objects
730751 - [ipa webui] inconsistency in enabling "delete" buttons
731784 - Add Requires on subscription-manager for entitlements
731804 - [IPA] When upgrading ipa from 2.0.0-23 to 2.1.0-1 uninstall is leaving leftovers and reinstall fails.
731805 - [ipa webui] in-consistency error msg
732084 - IPA 2.1 won't start if SELinux is disabled
732088 - IPA man page is unclear about allowed combinations of arguments
732468 - ipa-client-install should set LDAPSASL_NOCANON when calling ipa-getkeytab
732521 - ipa entitle-register : prompts for rhsm password twice like you are trying to set a new password
732803 - Rebase IPA to upstream 2.1.1
732996 - Access denied by HBAC rules while using the default ftp hbac service.
733009 - ipa-client-install says system configured after an unsuccessful run
733436 - IPA does not always properly detect its configuration status
734013 - ipa-client-install breaks network configuration
734706 - ipa hbactest does not evaluate users from groups in an hbacrule.
734725 - Incorrect service name in examples of ipa help hbactest.
735187 - [ipa webui] Sudo Rule has extra User group section in "As Whom" section
736276 - ipa hbactest fails if sourcehost is external.
736455 - [ipa webui] Sudo Rule includes indirect hosts and users members in its list to add
736617 - ipa-client-install mishandles ntp service configuration
736684 - ipa-client-install should sync time before kinit
736787 - ipa-client-install fails to join ipa server.
737048 - ipa-client-install calls authconfig with wrong parameters
737516 - ipa-server files with incorrect selinux context
737581 - ipa host-add Allowed to add host - hostname trailing space
737994 - File parameter fails if prompted for
737997 - should enforce some naming constraints on users and groups
738038 - [ipa webui] Remove Category info from HBAC and Sudo pages
738053 - ipa-ldap-updater : Not an end user utility and the man pages should reflect this
738339 - [ipa webui] Encode special chars in values when displaying
738693 - user is not prompted to enter current password when changing to a new password
739040 - Traceback message displayed while installing ipa client on IPv6 machine.
739060 - Disable entitlement plugin and CAL counting
739061 - Disable entitlement plugin in Web UI
739089 - Unable to add ipa user on IPv6 machine.
739195 - [ipa webui] Unprovisioning keytab does not have cancel option
739604 - ipa-server-install :: failing to configure CA :: restorecon returning 1 when changing context
739640 - [ipa webui] Allowed to add service without defining service name
739650 - [ipa webui] IPA Server Configuration :: Issue with Default Size Limit and Default User Group
740320 - [ipa webui] Posix checkbox for group-add has no effect
740830 - Intermittently see "search criteria was not specific enough." while adding a hbacrule
740838 - Missing additional info while adding a non-existing service to an hbacrule.
740844 - Missing additional info while removing a non-existing service from an hbacrule.
740850 - hbactest does not resolve canonical names during simulation.
740854 - Inconsistency in the error output while providing an invalid rule name.
740879 - [ipa webui] In adder_dialog, an object can be selected to be added multiple times.
740880 - [ipa webui] In adder_dialog, change order of >> and <<
740885 - [ipa webui] In adder_dialog, no error indicated when choosing to enroll without selecting an object
740891 - [ipa webui] Deleting a host in HBAC Rule without selecting it, throws a browser error instead of an IPA error
741050 - Unable to configure IPA client against IPA server with anonymous bind disabled
741277 - [ipa webui] IN HBAC & Sudo, when a category is set to 'All', entries in that category are not deleted
741677 - ipa-client-install --password=$PASSWORD will cause /var/log/ipaclient-install.log to contain the password.
741808 - ipa migrate-ds does not migrate all groups that are expected to migrate
742024 - [ipa webui] Missing option in Config tab to set default shell
742327 - Default DNS Administration Role - Permissions missing
742616 - IPA man pages should be more clear about the meaning of --selfsign
742875 - named fails to start after installing ipa server when short hostname preceeds fqdn in /etc/hosts.
743253 - duplicate hostgroup and netgroup
743295 - [ipa webui] If adding non-posix group, unchecking posix box should disable GID field
743788 - Title is missing while configuring browser first time
743936 - [ipa webui] Unable to access Webui
743955 - Cert error when accessing host in webui or cli
744024 - ipa-client-install return code indicates a success, even though it failed
744074 - [ipa webui] global password policy should not be able to be deleted
744101 - Client install fails when anonymous bind is disabled
744234 - Internal Server Error adding invalid reverse DNS zone
744264 - [ipa webui] missing fields in password policy page
744306 - Unable to add Windows Synchronization Agreement
744410 - ipa hbactest does not evaluate indirect members from groups.
744422 - Leaks KDC password and master password via command line arguments
744798 - Traceback when upgrading from ipa-server-2.1.1-1 to ipa-server-2.1.2-2
745392 - ipa-client-install hangs if the discovered server is unresponsive
745575 - [ipa webui] Config - User search fields - if blank, throws error - an internal error has occurred
745698 - --forwarder option of ipa-dns-install allows invalid IP address.
745957 - [ipa webui] As a Host Administrator, user does not have access to the Host tab
746056 - [ipa webui] Unable to add external user for RunAs User for Sudo rules
746199 - typo in error message while adding invalid ptr record.
746227 - hbactest fails while you have svcgroup in hbacrule.
746229 - ipa-server-install fails with latest dev build
746276 - Error when using ipa-client-install with --no-sssd option
746298 - installation fails if sssd.conf exists and is already configured
746717 - Disable automember functionality
747028 - Fix minor problems in help system
747443 - Certmonger fail to issue host certificate when IPA client is outside of the IPA domain.
747710 - CVE-2011-3636 FreeIPA: CSRF vulnerability
748754 - "krb5kdc: line 1: 7: command not found" message displayed during ipactl restart on multi-cpu system.
749352 - users not in ypcat netgroup output
751179 - [ipa webui] Unable to change password, misleading error

6. Package List:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 6):




Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop Optional (v. 6):




Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Node (v. 6):



Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC Node Optional (v. 6):



Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6):






Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation (v. 6):




These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and
details on how to verify the signature are available from

7. References:


8. Contact:

The Red Hat security contact is <secalert@redhat.com>. More contact
details at https://access.redhat.com/security/team/contact/

Copyright 2011 Red Hat, Inc.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.4 (GNU/Linux)


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