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04-20-2008 06:04 PM

Plan B Edubuntu Terminal Server - Taste of Success!
hi all,

thanks for the patient help. it seems that creating a
test account did the trick - i got my laptop and
computer 2 booting into the terminal server.

however, i still am getting errors with computer #1.
right before the screen goes retarded, as explained
below, it gives the following error message (or very
close to it, it just flashes for a partial second):

"Device doesn't support 44100 Hz changed to 44099 Hz"

i troubleshot it down to a monitor problem. a
different monitor works fine. once i had the login
screen up and switched back to the old monitor, it
worked fine. when i logged out, it went back into
poltergeist mode.

could it be a monitor setting? i suppose it isn't a
big deal if we have to swap the $20 monitor, but it
would be better to not have to.



--- Charles Austin <> wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 1:21 AM,
> <> wrote:
> > i will look at the syslog, assuming i can find
> it. i should be ok using google, though.
> >
> sudo less /var/log/messages
> or
> ls /var/log
> to see the other log files your server is storing.
> There is a wealth
> of information there - it is always the first place
> I go looking when
> something does not work. Most of the messages are
> in plain language,
> but you can google for error messages that are
> cryptic. You do have
> to sudo to read them.
> > i probably won't be able to do much interpreting
> of what i see, but i will be able post it so others
> can analyze it.
> >
> Good idea.
> > could the problem be related to trying to log on
> with the same username and password as the server?
> i will create client logons and try to logon with
> them.
> >
> It never hurts to have a test account set up. With
> the thin clients,
> you are setting up a session on the server. It
> really should not be
> an issue in Linux, but for sanity's sake it is
> easier to troubleshoot
> if you have a test account set up.
> Good luck,
> Charles
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