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John Hupp 09-02-2012 07:46 PM

Edubuntu - How to create a shutdown splash screen?
This is actually a tangent to
the incomplete shutdown problem that I have been working on.*
In my initial post I wondered if, as a work-around of sorts, I
could create a shutdown splash screen that would remain
on-screen on machines that suffer from the shutdown problem.

So pending a fix for the shutdown problem, I return to this
thought in a separate thread of its own.

When I initially posted the problem on the LTSP mail list, one
reply came that it was possible but not easy to do, and that
such a mechanism would be distro-specific and require help
from someone with distro-relevant knowledge.

What I had in mind was a screen similar to the one that
appeared on Windows 9x machines that could not turn off
automatically.* For those, the last screen that appeared said
something like "It is now safe to turn off your computer."

And I think I recall seeing this screen flash on for an
instant even on machines that could turn off automatically.*
So it may have been part of the standard shutdown routine and
only remained on-screen for cases when an auto-shutdown didn't

Anyone know how?

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