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"David Trask" 08-12-2012 08:05 PM

I really need to disable the lock screen
I'm hoping more folks will be on the list once the week starts. *I'm rolling out my new installation for the whole school (70+ terminals) and the only hurdle left (that I know of) is disabling screen locking. *I'd also like to set screen blanking for some ridiculously high number like 3 hours. *We're an elementary school with a lot of autologin machines and young
kids...we also do online testing. *I can't have screen locking kicking in all the would really screw things up. *It used to be easy to disable it, but in 12.04 (precise), I can't seem to get anything to stick....short of doing it in the GUI and that would be another nightmare. *I need a command line/script way of disabling screen locking and setting the screen blanking very high...for ALL users. *So far all the stuff I've found online doesn't stick. *I've tried gconf-editor (which won't allow me to access the screen locking key)...I've tried dconf-editor...(which does, but doesn't seem to do anything for anyone other than root)....etc. *I really need help *(on my knees and begging) *;-)

David Trask
Technology Director/Teacher
Vassalboro Community School
(207) 923-4305

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