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Jim Christiansen 09-09-2011 03:34 AM

2 questions: 1 Crossover in FClients solved, 2 how many FCs can 1 server handle?
OK. *I have Crossover running a win app from inside a fat image. *I just wanted to say how I did this, although the process may be easier on another clean edubuntu ltsp install. *My server has been installed by students last year and had been a sandbox and I may have some issues, that I haven't sorted out yet, with perms on the 1st user's account that wouldn't allow publishing of a working private bottle. *Dunno... *:)

What I was able to do is copy a working*Managed*bottle into the chrooted cxoffice "support" folder then have each user, inside a booted fat client, make a private working copy of it from the Crossover/Config/Manage Bottles/ menu. *I've tested the procedure in several student accounts and it seems to be a persistent working app.

So the other question, now that I have the system flying along nicely, is how many fat clients can one server handle? *Right now I'm running 26 fat clients and they are all really*hauling*along at an amazingly fast speed. *

I either need to install another Fat LTSP server for our library, or just hang the 26 library boxes onto my network for a total of 52 fat clients. *Is this possible?? *I guess I'll have time to check next week but I'm wondering if someone here already knows if a 1 ghz network can do it, maybe, or no hope?!

Thanks for the help everyone, *Jim

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