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Gilles Dubois 02-07-2011 09:56 PM

Italc with edubuntu 10.10 - Thinclients
Hi everybody !

I'm working hard on the new edubuntu server system (maverick).

Little by little things become clear, I'm still fighting with Sabayon but I could get some service which I needed.

Now I'm busy with Italc which seems to be very interesting.

It's a lot of tutorials on the web but some are for windows, others are old, etc...

I found something on a French forum corresponding more or less to my case :

I did everything what they suggest.

I even decided to add the following line:


on the lts.conf file (sounds logical,no ? I found this 'trick' on another site)

and I decided to rebuild the image, and restart everything (server + clients).

Finally when I start the service

ica &

and after this iTalc-Master I have the expected window, which they show everywhere on tutorials (good beginning).

If I go to the 'Thin client Manager' (installed by me) I see everybody who is connected with names and automatic IP-adresses

But Italc sees nobody in this classroom which they call 'auto-detected' even if I try to add manually computers by name or IP-adresses

So I'm stuck, don't know what to do at all.

If somebody can help.

Thank you !


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