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Steve Wu 02-02-2009 12:08 PM

Edu 8.10 Logins
I just brought up a new server running Edubuntu 8.10, installed the add-on pack and it seemed like a pretty normal install. Setup my users, brought down the old 8.04 server, shutdown the clients, cleared the arp cache on our router and then brought up the new server.

Now, my clients connect up, login with user id & pwd, but after the password screen, it eventually goes blank, other than the mouse. Nothing ever comes up on the screen. I've tailed the messages and syslog and it appears that the client eventually restarts itself, but that isn't evident on the screen. Are there other logs to check?

I'm fishing for what might be wrong on my server. This has always been plug 'n play. I'm checking my network settings (static IP on the server) by using the route and netstat -rn commands and I see:

tcadmin@TC-01:/etc$ routeKernel IP routing tableDestination**** Gateway******** Genmask******** Flags Metric Ref*** Use Iface10.10.26.0***** ***************** U**** 0***** 0******* 0 eth0link-local***** ******************* U**** 1000** 0******* 0 eth0default********************* UG*** 0***** 0******* 0 eth0tcadmin@TC-01:/etc$ netstat -rnKernel IP routing tableDestination**** Gateway******** Genmask******** Flags** MSS Window* irtt Iface10.10.26.0*************** U******** 0 0********* 0 eth0169.254.0.0**************** U******** 0 0********* 0 eth00.0.0.0********************* UG******* 0 0********* 0 eth0tcadmin@TC-01:/etc$

First, when I type in route, it takes about 10 seconds for the default route to finally come up. On all my other linux/ubuntu boxes, it just pops up. Secondly, why am I seeing a "link-local" interface? The server has two interfaces but the 2nd is not activated in the /network/interfaces file. Is there somewhere else I need to shut it down? Could all of that cause my clients to not come up? The lag in kicking out the route statement makes me wonder if something else is timing out.

Also, I did update the SSH Keys by doing sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys* and that had no effect (powered off the clients...).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thx - Steve

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