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"Olle Englund" 01-08-2009 09:40 AM

que, disconnect, sock, done investigation

I took some time to look into our problem with several old terminals
not starting since the upgrade to Intrepid. I think we've referred to
this problem as the "que, disconnect, sock, done" problem before, but
I'm not sure that's correct since I have at least one terminal that
gives the same error messages but continue to boot normally!

Today I took a look at the hardware of two working, and four
non-working terminals. I also tried to swap NIC:s between a working
terminal and a non-working one but there was no difference. Hence the
choice of NIC doesn't seem to relate to this issue.


1) Celeron 333
2) Celeron 633

Not working

3) K6-2 300, ALi M1542
4) Pentium MMX 200, ALi M1543
5) Pentium 2 350, Intel chipset
6) Pentium MMX 200, ALi M1543

This is a software problem but somehow hardware-related.. And if it's
not a NBD-issue, perhaps it has something to do with how the kernel is

/ Carl

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