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Scott Balneaves 01-02-2009 06:50 PM

LTSP qusetions
On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 10:04:57AM -0800, Chris Gravenor wrote:
> I'm going to write a proposal to test LTSP in my classroom and I hope
> that I can get answers to some simple questions.
> In January all the teachers in my school will recieve a new computer
> (dual core with 4 gigs RAM) that should be more then enough to run a
> small LTSP network (2 to 4 clients). I'm hoping that while running as a
> server, the techer's computer can also be used for other tasks
> (emailing, entering marks, etc.). Am I correct in this assumption?


> I have seen that the server needs a 128 megs of RAM to run each client,
> what does the client need to run off the server (cpu and RAM)?

The latest docs for LTSP (upstream) are being maintained here:

See the "Sizing" section for a detailed explaination.

> In our school you can log into any computer and be able to access your
> files that you've kept on the server. Is it possible to easily setup my
> classroom LTSP so that students can access their files in the wider
> network?

Depends. What acts as the server? Windows server? If so, you could smbmount
the fileserver onto the LTSP server.

> And lastly is there a HOWTO or method on locking down the clients
> desktop from the server?

See the docs, but in a nutshell: use Sabayon and/or mandatory settings in


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