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Stéphane Graber 12-20-2011 08:26 AM

Getting rid of python-central and python-support for 12.04
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Hey everyone,

One of our goals for 12.04 is to be an LTS, which means supporting all
of Edubuntu 12.04 for 3 to 5 years. To make that easier, we're trying
to limit our dependencies as much as possible.

We already got rid of freemind and geogebra to avoid inheriting all of
java and it's now time to look at our python packages.

A quick look shows the following list of packages that we ship and
rely on python-central or python-support:
edubuntu-menueditor (python-central)
lybniz (python-central)
opendict (python-central)
python-cherrypy3 (python-support)
python-gevent (python-support)
python-pyparsing (python-support)
python-wxgtk2.8 (python-central)
python-wxversion (python-central)

(calibre and python-x2go depend on one of the others but aren't
themselves using python-support or python-central)

The idea is to go through the list above and convert the packaging to
dh_python2 which is the supported way of doing python packaging nowadays.

The conversion steps look like:
1) Check on Debian's side for a newer version of the package already
using dh_python2
2) Check on Debian's side for a patch on the bug tracker that we could use
3) Check on Ubuntu's side for a patch on the bug tracker that we could use
4) Convert the packaging yourself
5) Submit any change back to Debian
6) Upload provides some more

I'll be having a look at the package list above over the next few
days, at least convert any of these packages that's only in Ubuntu and
look for existing fixes in Debian.

If you want to help, feel free to pick any of these, just make sure to
reply to this post so we all know who's doing what.


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Stéphane Graber
Ubuntu developer
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