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"Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)" 06-03-2011 06:10 PM

Edubuntu Developers

The Edubuntu Developers group in Launchpad allows members of the group
to upload to Edubuntu branches and packages in the Edubuntu package set
in the Ubuntu archives.

At some point a few of us in the Edubuntu Council were applying but it
was decided that since the team is owned by the EC it would just be
unnecessary since the team is already owned by the EC, granting EC
members upload rights already.

That was suboptimal since we'd want non-technical people to be able to
be on the EC as well, and if someone would resign from the EC they
would also lose their developer rights. The behavior in Launchpad has
now changes so that team owners aren't team members anymore. So we
basically have to do it the right way.

If you need upload rights to anything in the Edubuntu package set,
please put together a brief summary on your wiki page and also link to
your Launchpad page. For approval we'll either do it on-list or on IRC,
depending on how many people apply. If you're applying, please send a
message to this list indicating so.



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