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"Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)" 05-13-2010 10:31 AM

UDS Notes Dump For Edubuntu Installer Session
Some rough unfiltered notes from our session this morning:

= Edubuntu Installer Improvements =


== Progress in Lucid ==

* Dropped alternate installer from DVD
* LTSP installation is now available for installation from Live Disc
* Netbook interface is now available for installation from Live Disc

== Wishlist for Maverick ==

* Ubiquity page for configuring LTSP
* Ubiquity page for choosing default desktop session
* Installation takes too long due to langpack removal
* Text-installer again

=== LTSP Configuration Page ===

* d-i component or python script could be used to create progress indicator
for LTSP installation

=== Desktop Session Configuration Page ===

* Provide page with screenshots and descriptions
* Selections could install tasks in chroot

=== Langpack Optimizations ===

* Langpacks currently take way long to remove post-installation
* Package files could be blacklisted as part of installation process so
unwanted language pack files aren't copied in the first place
* Removing font packs and updating font caches could also cause delays,
fonts could also possibly be blacklisted if unwanted.

== Text/server installer ==

* Server installation with lamp task for Moodle/Schooltool/etc

== New ubiquity options ==
* Choose desktop
* Gnome
* Sugar
* Netbook
* Qimo
* Install LTSP
* Network Interface selection
* Have some LDM options available, such as LDM_DIRECTX with explenation
* If internet present (use current implementation in ubiquity or have
function made for that) :
* Propose to build a custom image
* Fat client
* Local applications

== Integration with the redesigned ubiquity ==
* Look at integration inside the "advanced" menu

== Maverick+1 Perhaps ==
* A plugin to modify blacklists so that more than one langpack can be

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