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Reiner Schmid 11-20-2007 05:59 PM

Auto Logon

I also tried the autologin feature with the same lts.conf params.
I created the same users (both on the server side and on the client side)
I also saw the black screen with the cross but not more.
The logs of the clients didnīt help me to find the answer to this
problem, too.
Is there some help or some doc in the edubuntu wiki about autologin
(ldm not gdm!). I have not found one.
Autologin with gmd works- I know,- so I built a kiosk-mode-system with
videostreaming and full sound.

Autologin: Wasnīt it a promised feature of Edubuntu 7.10?


ugh ugher schrieb:
> Hi
> "Have you tried autologin with just a regular thin
> client (ie only one
> screen, etc.)?"
> Yes I did try that, and I still get the same thing.The
> machine comes up and all I get is a black screen.
> So for that my lts.conf looks like this
> "[00:E0:81:27:D6:AE]
> LDM_PASSWORD=password"
> No matter what I do I can not get the autologin to
> work.
> I do have to say though that when I do this. Its very
> nice!!
> "SCREEN_07=ldm
> SCREEN_08=ldm
> SCREEN_09=ldm"
> I have to logon manual...but thats something to work
> on in the near future. But it is excellent for
> development.
> As for the link
> I dont have a ldm.log or Xorg.0.log on the
> thin-client.
> I have an Xorg.0.log on the server, but no ldm.log.
> I wonder if I should start fresh?
> One more question...How do I reply to a threaded post?
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