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Chris Lumens 01-28-2010 03:54 PM

various filtering UI patches
Patches #1 & 2 are to make the normal home user case simpler by hiding filter
UI steps. They do this by introducing some more flow control to I did
not change or

Patch #3 fixes a problem Hans found yesterday where clicking on column headers
doesn't actually sort. It also renames a bunch of attributes to match.

Patch #4 fixes a problem where drilling down to the gtk.TreeStore from
gtk.TreeModelSort via iters didn't work. It also takes the opportunity to
get rid of iter use in as many places as possible, since the TreeStore can
be walked via functionals.

I need to continue working on the patch #4 stuff, but Hans has some things to
do in the same area and I didn't want to step on his toes. These need to be
more thoroughly tested on advanced storage configurations, but I've got those
and can do it too. They should also all go into RHEL6 but I'll open bugs as
appropriate later. No rush there.

- Chris

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