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Kamaraju S Kusumanchi 05-28-2008 09:52 PM

list of all background jobs
Consider the following scenario. I am on machine A.

user1@machineA $ ssh user2@machineB
user2@machineB $ nohup command1 &
user2@machineB $ nohup command2 &

Now if I use the jobs command, I can display the background jobs on this

user2@machineB $ jobs

[1] Running nohup command1 &
[2] Running nohup command2 &

Now if I exit the shell on machineB and come back to machineA.

user2@machineB $ exit
user1@machineA $

After some time (say after a day or so) I log back in to machineB.

user1@machineB $ ssh user2@machineB
user2@machineB $ jobs

then there is no output even though the jobs are being run in the
background. Is there any way to get information about all the jobs being
run in the background that belong to a particular user? In other words is
there any way to display information about [1],[2] jobs in the new shell?

Currently I am using a round about way to achieve this

user2@machineB $ ps aex | grep nohup | gvim -

Is there any better, more elegant solution for this problem?

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi

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