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"A. F. Cano" 04-29-2008 02:21 AM

PPPStatus hasn't detected connection in ppp0 interface
pppstatus was working fine, until I decided to unplug the second HD
in the removable device bay (Inspiron 8600). That froze the computer and
I had to turn it off forcefully (by pressing the off button for about 10
seconds). I wanted to test if hot-swapping was somehow fixed in the newer
kernels. It isn't, at least in 2.6.18. Removing the 2d HD freezes the
machine, removing the DVD drive doesn't but the kernel never knows that the
device has changed. After inserting the 2d HD lshw still claims that the
dvd drive is there. Of course all this is after unmounting.

I'm mentioning all this because that is the only event that occurred and
that is apparently preventing pppstatus from working. Ppp works fine, I
just can't see its status.

I have turned off the machine and rebooted, but still something lingers
that prevents pppstatus from working. Strange...

When started like this: pppstatus --errors, it comes back with:

PPPStatus hasn't detected connection in ppp0 interface

even though ppp is happily running, via the /dev/ttyACM0 device

Searching for the error message finds this:

An old bug that is labeled irreproducible. Well, I can't get rid of
it! Pppstatus is consistently giving me this message.

What is surprising is that the machine has been turned off and rebooted,
and still the problem occurs. I've tried rmmod the usb-serial driver, all
the ppp-related drivers, nothing.

I haven't found anything (file? socket?) that pppstatus might have left
behind. It has to be something that persists through reboots...

Any hints out there?



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