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Ron Johnson 04-25-2008 04:13 AM

-- Spam -- subscription
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On 04/24/08 22:09, Rafael Fontenelle wrote:
> 2008/4/24, Ron Siegel < <>>:
> *PLEASE DO BAN ME. * I have tried repeatedly to unsubscribe from
> this list that I never subscribed to.

Top-posting is not the way to win friends on this list.

> Best regards,
> Ron Siegel
> *Ron Siegel*
> (800)306-9130
> Fax: (800)306-2190
> <>
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> the impossible happen."
> Well, since he replied this way, he is probably not a robot ;-p
> Ron, have you tried to send and unsubscribe yourself? In case yes, tell
> us if you got any message or something. And have you tried asking the
> admin to unsubscribe you? He *probably* would be the only one that could
> do this.
> btw: Why did you subscribe twice?

I notice on Ron's reply that the "how to unsubscribe" notice was
*not* displayed, even though it's there when I look at the raw email
source. Probably an artifact of using HTML-formatted mail.

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Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson LA USA

We want... a Shrubbery!!
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