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Ennio-Sr 10-13-2012 07:54 PM

Iceweasel, Flashplayer and Google Finance
Hi all!

Can you see Google Finance graghics *interactively* using
Iceweasel>=15.0 and Shockwave Flash_11.2.r... on Squeeze?


flashplayer-mozilla/squeeze uptodate 3:
iceweasel/squeeze-backports uptodate 17.0~a2+20121004042009-1~bpo60+1
Linux deby.ei.hnet 2.6.32-trunk-686 #1 SMP Sun Jan 10 06:32:16 UTC 2010
i686 GNU/Linux]
On my PC, iceweasel is no longer able to show Google Finance graphics
(those relating to a particular share quotations in a certain period

- when a flash plugin is enabled (no matter whether it is
mozilla's or Adobe's or flashplugin-nonfree's), no graphic appears
- disabling the flash plugin a graphic is shown with the warning:

"For the ubercool interactive charts, you need to install the Adobe
Flash Player".

moreover,if I try to get the graphic for a different period (6m, 1y, 5y)
a new blank window appears only!

Downgrading iceweasel to a previous version (3.5.??) doesn't help at all
because the simple access to google finance will result in the killing of
the browser with an "illegal instruction" notice in xterm.

After disabling all the plugins (Tools:Addons:Plugins) I get the default
Google Finance graphic (which, BTW, seems to be a .swf itself and I
would expect it would not show up when plugins are disabled!?)

I have no clues whatsoever to establish what is wrong. AAOF before last
upgrade a couple of weeks ago everything worked smoothly. Then Google Gmail
started to complain about the iceweasel version I was using and I
changed that...;(

I may have inadvertently deleted some 'assisting' package, which I'm
enable to establish. [For sure I zapped /usr/X11R6 directory, but X
seems to be working perfectly using Xorg].
What I should like to know is if somebody can check and tell me what he
sees on Google Finance, i.e. does he see the graphic *interactively*, in
the sense that moving the cursor along the graphic curve the values
shown in the left upper corner do change?

Thanks for your attention. Regards,

[Perche' usare Win$ozz (dico io) se ..."anche uno sciocco sa farlo. ?//
Fa' qualche cosa di cui non sei capace!" (diceva Henry Miller) ] (|)
[Why use Win$ozz (I say) if ... "even a fool can do that. )=(
Do something you aren't good at!" (as Henry Miller used to say) ]

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