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Dan 10-13-2012 05:18 PM

Vaio Z RAID 0

I bought a Vaio Z. It has 2 hard drives of 128 and they are setup with
a fake RAID 0 " Intel Rapid Storage Technology " . That makes a RAID 0
of 256Gb.

I have no experience with RAIDs and I am trying to install wheezy but
also to keep windows.

I would like to keep the windows system. I made some space and I am
able to go through the installation process but when I try to
partition the hard drive I get:

Failed to create a file system
The ext4 file system creation in partition #6 of RAID0 device #126 failed

I created the partitions... but I also got that message. Any ideas? It
seems that the installer was able to create the partitions but not to
create the filesystem.

I read in Julien Danjou's blog that the Intel Rapid Storage
Technology's RAID does not work properly with Linux.

I would like to keep windows, but Julien suggested to wipe the whole
hard drive. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

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