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"Stephen P. Molnar" 10-13-2012 04:23 PM

HD Permissions Problem
Debian 6.0.5 (64 bit)/KDE 4.4.5

For reasons lost to antiquity, I have 4 HD's on my system.
Unfortunately, the installer only found one of them, sda1, where the
distribution is installed. Of course, other utilities found all of the
drives and I have edited /etc/fstab and / to account for all of the
drives. I have two problems for which I would like solutions:

Problem #1. How do I give users on the system access to the drives? At
this point only root has access privileges.

Problem #2. One of the drives is formatted in the reisefs. The system
doesn't recognize that fs. I suppose I could reformat the drive as ext3
or ext4, but I really don't want to lose the contents.

Many thanks in advance.

Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D. Life is a fuzzy set
Foundation for Chemistry Stochastic and multivariate
(614)312-7528 (c)
Skype: smolnar1

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