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Wally Lepore 10-12-2012 11:43 PM

Boot-loader flag during /boot partition setup 'on' or 'off'?
Hi Debian users,

I noticed in the very beginning of the Debian Squeeze installer (under
‘help’) that it said:


In order to start your new system, a so called boot-loader is used. It
can be installed either in the master boot record of the first hard
disk, or in a partition. When the boot-loader is installed in a
partition, you must 'set' the boot-loader flag for it. Such a
partition will be marked with ‘B’ in the main partion menu.


I am installing Debian Squeeze 'netinst' on a 2nd hard disk and will
dual-boot with windows. In the partition setup during installation, I
created my first partition on the 2nd drive as /boot. Do I need to
‘set’ the boot-loader flag in this /boot partition configuration to

When they mention the phrase, 'set the boot-loader flag', I assume
they are instructing me to 'turn the flag ‘on’ in the partition menu
for /boot. I see the default is set to ‘off’.

Thank you

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