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Josť Luis Segura Lucas 10-10-2012 06:05 AM

DVB-T tuning problem

I have a DVB-T receiver and I'm trying to put it working.

Apparently, it's supported by Debian (I can see its name and model using
a program like gnome-dvb-setup).

But I have a problem when trying to find the channels on my receptor to
be able to watch or record TV. My "antenna" was not listed on the
gnome-dvb-setup combobox (it's not on /usr/share/dvb/dvb-t) and using
"brute force" didn't help (more than 20 minutes scanning and no channel

Of course I have checked the TV-antenna connection, and this cable is
the same I used to plug in my TV, working almost perfectly.

I see some command-line tools (dvb-apps and dvb-tools) but neither help,
because both requires (different) input files: th dvb-apps "scan" needs
a "zap" file, stored in /usr/share/dvb, and as I already said, my region
is not listed (using near locations doesn't help).

I can't use dvbv5-scan program inside dvb-tools because it requires an
input file, but I don't know what file is (it doesn't like the

Plese, can somebody help?

Best regards and thanks in advance

linuxlover 10-10-2012 08:25 AM

DVB-T tuning problem
I think that this page can be of help:

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Josť Luis Segura Lucas 10-11-2012 06:17 AM

DVB-T tuning problem
Thanks linuxlover.

I investigated it a bit deeper, and I found several problems and only
one little advance.

First, I used gnome-dvb-setup and tried to find channels. As I already
stated, my region/antenna is not listed on its lists, so I put no
information about my country or antenna and it, theoretically, perform a
full scan on all the frequencies. It didn't work at all, no channel was

Then, I tried with "scan", but I have the problem that I don't have an
input file for "scan", so I avoided it at the beginning. As linuxlover
stated, I tried with dvbscan, but it has the same "problem" for me, it
needs an input file (different file than "scan" AFAIK).

At the end, I discovered w-scan package, and the w_scan tool. It is able
to generate as output the input for "scan", "dvbscan" or a VDR
"channels.conf" directly.

I tried first using w_scan -ft -c ES -x for generating an input file for
scan/dvbscan (it is intended to work with gnome-dvb-daemon if you put
that file on the right directory). The three tools perform an scan, but
theynever return me a valid VDR channels.conf (empty files) or was
unable to find nothing (gnome-dvb-setup).

At the end, I tried to generate the VDR channels.conf using "w_scan -ft
-c ES > vdr_channels.conf". Then, I tried to use that file is
gnome-dvb-control [1], but no channel was added and I was unable to see
TV through Totem


P.S. I'm trying gnome-dvb-daemon because I'm interested in adopting this
package and I want to know how it works before ITA it.

On 10/10/12 10:25, linuxlover wrote:
> I think that this page can be of help:

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