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Radek Vykydal 10-06-2012 03:21 AM

Status update of networking in anaconda for F18 Beta
Most severe stuff:

1) We need secret agent for wireless authentication (bz #855526 Beta

We should be able to use nm-applet or I can write our own.
Pros of using nm-applet:
- no need for authentication UI code on our side and code for dispatching
of various secrets types, esp. its maintenence
- probably pulls gnome-keyring
- with our own agent we might be able to control window stacking,
(depending whether we run it as separate process or manage to
run it in a thread, but this can get tricky too)

In any case, we need to cope with NM AgentManager requiring a session to
be present for secrets agents to register. I've talked about it with Dan
Williams and he may be able to remove the sessions requirement for root
in NM, but he has to check. I've also tried to hack-up our anaconda-shell
service to autologin with root, but that does not trigger creating
of session by systemd-logind.service. Any ideas how we could run a session
in anaconda?

2) Kickstart network commands don't seem to work (bz #863134).

It seem to stop working after systemd was pulled into dracut? I need to
look at it closely, or perhaps Will would comment on it.

Also I was thinking about option of moving kickstart network handling
to anaconda. It would mean we are not able to set up networking
for dracut by kickstart - for fetching install image, driver updates, sshd
service. As I checked with Harald, dracut networking options should be
powerful enough to configure networking for those tasks, but I can
imagine users still wanting use kickstart.

NM guys and Harald are working on integration of NM in dracut,
but it is probaly not for F18 Beta.


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