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Lisi 09-20-2012 03:27 PM

Drivers for ethernet chip on the Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard.
My on-board ethernet chip is not working in Debian Squeeze. I have installed
a PCI card that is working, but I would like to have the (better) on board
chip working.

I have used it from the Linux Format remastered Ubuntu 12.04 live CD, so there
is obviously a Linux driver for it.

I have Googled and found only references to how well it works in Linux. I
also found references to its being free and in the kernel. I cannot find a

I have installed 3.2.0 from Squeeze Backports without success. (That is to
say, the upgraded kernel has not helped the situation. It installed without
a hitch.) I have done a cold reboot.

The video works without any problems and I have not so far done anything about
the complaints that both Amarok and Kaffeine make about the lack of driver
for sound, since I have not yet trouble-shot alsa. For me, sound is a
pleasant addition, not a necessary adjunct.

I must be missing something very simple, possibly in my Google-foo. At
anyrate, PEBKAC probably looms large.

Any suggestions as to what else I could try?

Thank you.


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