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Martin Steigerwald 08-10-2012 09:17 AM

UEFI install (was: Squeeze install in ultrabooks with SSD and HDD)
Am Donnerstag, 9. August 2012 schrieb Greg Madden:
> On Thursday 09 August 2012 4:37:05 am L V Gandhi wrote:
> > On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 9:58 AM, Gary Dale <> wrote:
> > > On 08/08/12 08:48 PM, L V Gandhi wrote:
> > >> Has any one installed dual boot system of windows and squeeze in
> > >> ultrabooks with both mSATA SSD and HDD?
> > >> Kindly give links or procedure to keep windows and linux.
> > >
> > > You don't have to do anything special. Just partition the disks the
> > > way you like. Linux installers normally expect that dual booting
> > > is a common requirement so they usually handle it pretty well.
> >
> > I think it is not so easy as I have googled it. Intel RST, UEFI etc
> > making things difficult and many have bricked their system. Hence my
> > post.
> I think the issues you read about are for Windows 8 and the 'secure
> boot' feature of the UEFI bios?
> I have not tried Squeeze, Wheezy works fine on a Thinkpad with the UEFI
> bios, SSD & mSata.

I think Squeeze does not support UEFI properly. It would at least need
a 3.2 backport kernel

What did you do to make it work? I have tried two times to get
either of:


to work on a ThinkPad T520 and the only think that works right now is


My problem was that the UEFI boot menu never offered to boot from the
EFI boot partition that I made. I think I might have been missing some
efibootmgr magic that was explained here or elsewhere before, but as you
managed to get to work, I´d like to know the exact steps or a link to a
guide that works, before trying again. Why the GPT + BIOS stuff did not
work is beyond me – I hat a BIOS boot partition for GRUB and grub-install
also seemed to use it.

I bet its not really faster tough since the ThinkPad doesn´t take much
time in the BIOS anyway. And due to LVM I do not really need GPT, but it
would be nice to have it anyway.

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