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Thierry Chatelet 04-12-2008 07:24 AM

Problems installing amd64 with Supermicro motherboard
On Saturday 12 April 2008 08:58:59 Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Hi
> No success in entering BIOS. It seems that the "Intel(R) Boot Agent" should
> be eliminated, to get free of their PXE system. Does anyone know how to
> throw this agent away with Linux? The old amd64 installation is recognized
> on the new system. Though the original installation was for a dual socket
> machine, all new 875 CPUs are recognized by
> $ cat /proc/cpuinfo
> so that I can expect to be able to clean things with the previous Debian
> amd64 installation, edit BIOS, and then reinstalling amd64 in order that
> all new hardware is properly taken into account.
> What Intel suggests to eliminate their Boot Agent is to download a DOS
> program (subjected to property restrictions; curiously so because I want to
> get free of their intruding program, which let me think that individuals
> are not properly defended by the laws against intruders). DOS is something
> I am not familiar with and I don't want to get involved in. If not else I
> can't imagine how to get DOS on my amd64 installation. I am already
> irritated enough that to submit a letter to the principal journal of
> chemistry, JACS, one should have to deal with their Visual Basic macros,
> which require getting involved with Microsoft. I am also irritated by the
> Supermicro motherboard having a large portion dedicated to Microsoft to let
> them do raids, while I can better solve the problem with a software raid.
> I have now submitted the problem to Supermicro Europe but I expect the same
> answer I had a couple of years ago from Tyan Europe: "We do not answer
> questions related to Debian Linux", although even then the problem was bnot
> such related.
> Thanks for help
> francesco

There is something like freedos here:

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