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Richard Owlett 06-18-2012 12:29 PM

Intermittent installation related problems
Brian wrote:

On Fri 15 Jun 2012 at 09:41:09 -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:


My routine is to use gparted to delete whatever partition the previous
Debian install was on and let subsequent install "use all free space". As
I only have dialup at home all installs requiring internet access are
done using WiFi hotspot at local library. The netinst and LiveCD iso's
were downloaded from the Debian site and MD5's verified.

It is unnecessary to use gparted. The installer will do it for you at
partitioning stage.

Are you sure ;/
In snipped paragraph I had stated I was *EXPLICITLY* leaving
the existing Windows install _untouched_ for these Debian
install experiments. At the initial partition related menu
the effective choice is:

A. wipe out entire disk
B. install to _existing_ free space.

Under 'manual partitioning', I can see options for
specifying partition size and format.
What I do not see is a method to force a 'new' install of
Debian to take over a specific existing partition.

What's even more annoying (ascetically) is that I can not
see a way for multiple simultaneous installs to use the same
swap space. After all, only only one install will be in use
at a time.

Problem 1. With recent installs, neither netinst nor LiveCD could access
the internet DURING the install. If I complete the install from the
LiveCD having chosen "do not configure network", it has *NO* problem
connecting to the internet.

The WiFi requires WPA. The installer does not allow WPA connections. The
installed system does.

Therefore the netinstall is *EXCLUSIVELY* for those with an
Ethernet connection to the internet???

But a side issue, I was "*SURE*" I had successfully done a
full install from the netinst CD. I recall having been given
the option once of completing 'a non GUI install' {unsure of
how option was phrased}. The last round of install
experimentation was focused on the desire to take that option.

A guess; but, with very little information, what else is there to do?

What CLI tool can I use to attempt to connect
to the WiFi hot spot?

After installation?

Sort of would have to be wouldn't it ;)
Otherwise it would require tweaking the iso before burning
the CD.
Now I know I'm considered a slightly weird glutton for

But even I have limits ;/!

Thanks to the many on this list keep responding to my questions.

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