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Chris Bannister 04-07-2008 11:04 PM

Reply to list (was Closed source software Was [ Hmmm. A question.)
On Sat, Apr 05, 2008 at 02:54:26PM -0700, Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

> yeah, it's tough. It was also a simply avoided mistake. We all make
> simple mistakes. One that is so simply avoidable should be, IMO. but
> it's only that, my opinion.

On one list which I am subscribed to this issue came up and the response
was that it was only the opinion of who ever wrote it. The list's code
of conduct was to send the reply to the sender and CC the list. The
reasoning being, that a) You didn't need to be subscribed to post and
hence may not be subscribed. b) The list was for newbies and therefore
the majority wouldn't even think of saying, "I'm not subscribed so
please CC me on any replies."

I wonder how many people who are not subscribed to debian-user are
aware of *our* code of conduct.

I personally prefer "reply to list" myself for other reasons, but I
couldn't fault his logic.

So it seems that if you have "reply to list" as the code of conduct then
the list should be subscription only?

If you are not subscribed, ask to be CC'd as the Policy of this list is
to reply to the list only.

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