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Baxter Kylie 04-18-2012 03:29 AM

cryptdisks + lvm2 + keyfiles boot/init issues

I recently took one of my machines up to Squeeze and found it no longer
successfully boots (failing at disk check). It appears to be related to
the order in which services are started. I'm hoping that someone here
with more experience in the new rc system can offer a suggestion for how
to alleviate this issue:

The block devices are stacked as follows:

sda1 -> boot
sda2 -> crypto (passphrase) -> lvm2
sdb1 -> crypto (keyfile on sda2 lvm volume) -> lvm2
sdc1 -> crypto (keyfile on sda2 lvm volume) -> lvm2

This requires that services be (roughly) ordered:
cryptdisks-early -> lvm2 -> mount -> cryptdisks -> lvm2 -> mount

In past releases (lenny, etch), this worked seamlessly but something
appears to have changed. Is there any remediation I should try?


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