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Mitchell Laks 04-06-2008 04:08 PM

PDL::IO::Dicom is not packaged in pdl package how to add it in? dh-make-perl not working??

I am working with medical images with PDL and perl.
I notice that the list of modules in
dpkg -L pdl


while the site at cpan lists the following.

PDL::IO::Dicom a module for reading DICOM images.
PDL::IO::Dumper data dumping for structs with PDLs
PDL::IO::FITS Simple FITS support for PDL 0.9
PDL::IO::FastRaw A simple, fast and convenient io format for PerlDL.UNAUTHORIZED
PDL::IO::FlexRaw A flexible binary i/o format for PerlDL. UNAUTHORIZED
PDL::IO::HDF A PDL interface to the HDF4 library. UNAUTHORIZED 2.0
PDL::IO::Pic image I/O for PDL

There seems to be some discrimination here against

So my question here is
1. Can we get to be included (PDL::IO::Dicom)
2. How to incorportate it into my debian system till then.

1) I guess I can stick in my local directory.
2) I could try cpan shell install of it.
3. Try dh-make-perl

However when I try dh-make-perl I get the following problem.

If I run dh-make-perl --build --cpan PDL::IO::Dicom
then I get
making PDL_B...
making PDL_S...
making PDL_US...
making PDL_L...
making PDL_LL...
making PDL_F...
making PDL_D...
Searching for Astro::FITS::Header package using apt-file.
Searching for ExtUtils::F77 package using apt-file.
Searching for Inline package using apt-file.

Needs the following debian packages: libastro-fits-header-perl, libextutils-f77-perl, libinline-perl
Package does not provide a long description - Please fill it in manually.
Using maintainer: mlaks <>
Found changelog: Changes
Found docs: BUGS README TODO Basic/MatrixOps/README.ssl cygwin/README debian/README.Debian Doc/README Doc/TODO Doc/Pod/README Example/Benchmark/README Graphics/LUT/README Graphics/PLplot/README Graphics/TriD/README Graphics/TriD/OpenGL/README IO/GD/TODO IO/HDF/README IO/HDF/TODO IO/HDF/SD/README IO/HDF/VS/README IO/IDL/README IO/Pnm/converters/README Lib/FFTW/Readme Lib/GIS/Proj/README Lib/GIS/Proj/TODO Lib/GSL/RNG/README Lib/GSL/SF/README Lib/Transform/Proj4/README Lib/Transform/Proj4/TODO t/README win32/Readme PDL-2.4.3/BUGS PDL-2.4.3/README PDL-2.4.3/TODO PDL-2.4.3/Basic/MatrixOps/README.ssl PDL-2.4.3/cygwin/README PDL-2.4.3/debian/README.Debian PDL-2.4.3/Doc/README PDL-2.4.3/Doc/TODO PDL-2.4.3/Doc/Pod/README PDL-2.4.3/Example/Benchmark/README PDL-2.4.3/Graphics/LUT/README PDL-2.4.3/Graphics/PLplot/README PDL-2.4.3/Graphics/TriD/README PDL-2.4.3/Graphics/TriD/OpenGL/README PDL-2.4.3/IO/GD/TODO PDL-2.4.3/IO/HDF/README PDL-2.4.3/IO/HDF/TODO PDL-2.4.3/IO/HDF/SD/README PDL-2.4.3/IO/HDF/VS/README PDL-2.4.3/IO/IDL/README PDL-2.4.3/IO/Pnm/converters/README PDL-2.4.3/Lib/FFTW/Readme PDL-2.4.3/Lib/GIS/Proj/README PDL-2.4.3/Lib/GIS/Proj/TODO PDL-2.4.3/Lib/GSL/RNG/README PDL-2.4.3/Lib/GSL/SF/README PDL-2.4.3/Lib/Transform/Proj4/README PDL-2.4.3/Lib/Transform/Proj4/TODO PDL-2.4.3/t/README PDL-2.4.3/win32/Readme
Found examples: Graphics/TriD/OpenGL/examples/* PDL-2.4.3/Graphics/TriD/OpenGL/examples/*
The directory /home/mlaks/install-pdl-dicom/PDL-2.4.3/debian is already present and I won't overwrite it: remove it y

Now I clearly have these requirements

mlaks@Rashi:~/install-pdl-dicom$ dpkg -l |grep libextutils-f77-perl
ii libextutils-f77-perl 1.16-2 Simple interface to F77 libs
mlaks@Rashi:~/install-pdl-dicom$ dpkg -l |grep libastro-fits-header-perl
ii libastro-fits-header-perl 2.8.1-2 Perl tools for reading, modifying and writing
mlaks@Rashi:~/install-pdl-dicom$ dpkg -l |grep libinline-perl
ii libinline-perl 0.44-5 Write Perl subroutines in other programming la

so I dont see the .deb created in my directory.

what does this mean and how to solve it?


Mitchell Laks

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