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03-16-2012 11:39 PM

Can't run irrecord - WAS: help needed with initial use of IrDa and LIRC
> As the error message reports, you need to stop lircd first. Then run
> irrecord (I think the reason is that both want direct access to your IR
> port), this will produce a file that you can use as /etc/lirc/lird.conf.
> Next, check /etc/lirc/hardware.conf is suitable for you, then run
> "/etc/init.d/lircd start".

Thanks Darac very much, that is helpful.

However, I still can't get irrecord to work. I get the same error messages
trying to run irrecord whether lircd is loaded or not.

Evidently I need to have the corrrect modules loaded first. If I
understand the manual correctly (I may not) I need both the lirc_dev and
lirc_sir modules loaded before I can use irrecord.

When I try to manually load them I get these errors:

keith@eve:~$ sudo modprobe lirc_dev
keith@eve:~$ sudo modprobe lirc_sir
[ 165.360107] lirc_register_driver: dev pointer not filled in!
[ 165.360195] lirc_sir: init_chrdev() failed.
FATAL: Error inserting lirc_sir
Input/output error

I have tried this approach after changing the COM port assignment in the
BIOS from COM2-COM3-COM4 with the same results.

Googling I see a bug report that _appears_ to be relevant in a Ubuntu bug
list for LIRC- #912251:

Can anyone shed some light on this? I am also using an old Dell Latitude
laptop (as in bug#912251 above).

Keith Ostertag

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