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Telly Williams 11-19-2007 03:59 PM

Multihomed Question

From "The TCP/IP Guide" (C. Kozierok), p 251:

"If a device has more than one interface to the
internetwork, it will have more than one IP address...It
is also possible for hosts to have more than one IP
address, however. Such a device is sometimes said to be

From "Linux For Dummies" (Naba Barkakati), p 279:

"Use the multi option to indicate whether or not a host
in the /etc/hosts file can have multiple IP addresses.
Hosts that have more than one IP address are called
multihomed because the presence of multiple IP addreses
implies that the host has several network interfaces."

In my /etc/hosts file, it has the 'multi on' entry. However, I
have only one iface, eth1, used for a network (ethernet). The
rest of the interfaces are usb, which I've used for network
access in the past, but aren't NIC's.

My understanding is that if you have more than one NIC then it's
multihomed (each has its own IP address). Based on what my file
says, and that I have only one NIC (ethernet), does multihomed also include DHCP hosts, as well, since
their IP address is dynamic? Thanks.

Telly Williams
"Knowledge Is Power"

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