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Sharon Kimble 10-05-2011 08:11 PM

XChat links to the Debian BTS
On 5 October 2011 19:28, Andreas Rönnquist <> wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> Using XChat, is there a way to interpret #nnnnnn as a link to
> As it is now, #nnnnnn is interpreted as
> an IRC channel (Which pretty much always is wrong if n is a number), and
> gives me the option to join it - not quite what I want.
Your using the wrong tool for the job, but I dont know what the right
tool is. XChat is just for chatting on IRC, thats what its designed
for and thats what its good for.

> I guess this would involve some scripting, but not having done any
> scripting for XChat I dont really know where to start. In the option
> menus I do find "Auto replace", but that seems to only involve what I
> write in my messages and replaces stuff in my message before it gets to
> the channel.

Thats because its just for chatting on IRC.

Take care
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