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张启德(Zhang Qide) 06-23-2011 04:06 PM

Run maxima in texmacs
Hi all,
In TeXmacs, I choose "Insert--> Session--> Maxima" to run Maxima.
when i tick "Mathematical input" in "Input Options" and try some
examples(eg: 1+1; 'integrate(sin(x),x);), I can't get the right
answer and only a "?" in output line. But when I start Maxima session
and not tick "Mathematical input" in TeXmacs, it's output is normal.
In fedora 15, I can get beautiful mathematical formulas both in maxima
input line and output line by ticking "Mathematical input" in TeXmacs.
My system is debian squeeze. Does someone have the same problem?
How can I fix it? Sorry for my poor English.

Zhang Qide

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