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"giovanni_re" 06-19-2011 05:24 AM

Debian Partitioning HowTo Wiki ; gre
The Debian Partitioning wiki is badly out of date -
Could you make a contribution here by email,
or on the wiki?

Also, the Installation Guide, is behind the times:
6.3.3. Partitioning and Mount Point Selection

== References:

Your search query "ssd" didn't return any results.
SSD - This page does not exist yet.
LogicalVolumeManagement - This page does not exist yet.
RAID - This page does not exist yet
extended partitions,
logical partitions
UDM? = uniform device managemant, naming.
Revision History Revision 3.5 26 Dec 2005

===== Base case design: Modern desktop system
Lets start with a modern desktop system: 4 or 6 core Intel or AMD.
The motherboard likely has some hardware RAID capability.

Lets say we start with half the RAM slots filled = 2x4GB = 8GB,
and 1 hard disk (HD) = 2TB.

We want to partition with:

Swap - 32GB = 2x max RAM
OS 1 - primary, "Debian Stable"
OS2 - testing. "Debian Testing"
extended partition?
Logical volumes

We will later want to add more OS partitions, virtualization, and more
HDs, RAM & SSD, as time and money permits.

We want a file system that can grow with minimum human maintaince &
administration effort as we add HDs. The file system should permit easy
file system table integrity checking, while the system is in operation.

There should be a good backup solution specified, using an easy to use
GUI tool. The backup should be to a different disk drive (perhaps on a
different computer), or perhaps an inexpensive ($100-200) removable
tape system. Perhaps something backing up on to DVD, for smaller sets
of data - text files, etc.

We should keep in mind current & future planned Ubuntu disk partition
management technology, if that isn't yet backported to Debian, to enable
switching to better methods, procedures & sw as those become available
in Debian.

But, we should focus on what is available right now in:
Stable, &

That is all the time I have to give to this email. Also important are
the concepts below, which would be crucial to include in the wiki. :

== Adding SSD

== Adding Hard Disk 2

== Adding Hard Disk 3+

What are your guides/suggestions?

TIA :)

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