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12-28-2010 11:24 AM

Re (2): chronyc settime and digital clock in LXDE in Squeeze
pe> After chronyc settime 16:50 the clock displays 4:50.

From: John Hasler <>
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 19:39:19 -0600
> What did it display before the chronyc command?

4:50 ... or might have been 4:49. I click slowly.

My explanation should have been more clear. In the BIOS
on Joule the clock is set to within a minute of UTC.

peter@dalton:~$ telnet joule
Trying [don't worry; it's an encrypted tunnel]
peter@joule:~$ date --iso-8601=minutes
peter@joule:~$ exitConnection closed by foreign host.
peter@dalton:~$ date --iso-8601=minutes

Dalton is showing the correct time within a minute. joule:~$ date
is lagging approximately 10 (13:51-03:39) hours. Seems advisable
to set UTC in the BIOS of Joule, set the correct time in the Joule
Linux clock with date, check the LXDE time display and forget
'chronyc settime'.

> Try %H:%M:%S

Will keep that in mind in case the LXDE display is wrong after the
date setting.

> Chrony does nothing that has anything to do with formats.

Yes but if the displayed time is off by +/- 12:00 hours the
distinction between an error in clock time and an error in
format is not immediate. If the error is other than +/- 12:00,
there could be a "display format error" on top of a time error.

Thanks, ... Peter E.

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