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Stephen Powell 09-21-2010 03:56 PM

In case you never receive this mail ... (was gdm3 exclude certain usernames)
>From Scott Ferguson's "signature lines":
> *In case you never receive this mail, please notify me immediately*

I got a good laugh over that, but believe it or not that mentality does exist
in some people's minds. Back in the mid nineties, I worked for a company that
used IBM's "OfficeVision" as the corporate e-mail system. OfficeVision
ran under VM/CMS on an IBM mainframe. One time, we had what the non-IT-literate
management would call an "outage of VM". (In reality, there was a network
problem that interrupted the TELNET 3270 communications between the 3270
emulation software that ran on user's workstations and the mainframe. VM
didn't really go down. But in management's mind, if they can't logon,
then VM is down.) Anyway, my boss received a directive from
management to send out a notification e-mail to everyone to tell them that
VM is down if VM ever went down again.

How he managed to tactfully and respectfully explain to management that
such a thing was not possible without laughing out loud I'll never know,
but somehow he managed. I'm not sure that I could have done it.

By the way, I know how to cure the absentee problem in our schools.
Instead of the traditional method of taking attendance, the teacher
should say, "If anyone is not here today, please raise your hand."
And if no-one raises his hand, then obviously everyone must be
present. ;-)

.'`. Stephen Powell
: :' :
`. `'`

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