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Claudius Hubig 09-10-2010 09:14 PM

NetworkManager & Bridging devices
Good evening,

I’m using NetworkManager to automatically connect to a number of wifi
networks as well as to ethernet networks at home and in university.
I’m also using the dispatcher to run custom scripts depending on the
network to which the computer just connected.

Now it would be nice if I could put the wifi interface (Intel
Wireless 4965) and the ethernet interface in one bridge, so that both
devices get the same IP addresses and I could "roam" between wifi and
ethernet by dynamically disabling one of them, with my connections

Is something like this possible? I tried to manually create a bridge
and set up the interfaces, but I seem to be unable to add wlan0 to
the bridge, it just tells me that the operation is “not permitted”.

Thanks for reading and your insights!

Claudius Hubig

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