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"Javier Vasquez" 01-09-2008 10:37 PM

Anybody using Pic'nRoll Trully media player for oggs?

I acquired a Pic'nRoll Trully media player which is advertised to
interpret oggs from Q1 to Q10.

My experience, even with latest firmware from their site, is that it
doesn't play oggs nice, since I experience little jumps and sometimes
the player gets stuck for a little while as well. Not to mention that
if the screen is not off while playing, or if a bottom or something is
used, then the player slows down... I didn't notice these things
while playing mp3's.

So I was wondering if it's the same to anybody who has acquired such
player, and if there's some workAround, like changing completely the
firmware for a rockbox one or something similar...



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