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"Ted Hilts - Thunderbird Acct." 01-08-2008 08:46 PM

Debian Repository Usage
I obtained the full set of Ubuntu disks, installed the desktop stuff and
now have a working system without SERVERS. It seems the servers come on
another disk separate from the LIVE/INSTALL desktop software. The
server CD is an INSTALL only and not a LIVE CD. This means I would have
to over write the desktop installation. I tried using the Ubuntu POOL
directory on the sever CD but although it looks like it was installing
it turns out it was not. So I tried using aptitude which very nicely
rushed off to the Ubuntu repository. But I want it to run off to the
Debian repository because there are a lot of special packages (like
OCTAVE) and others.

My question: Is there a way of telling apt-get or some other debian
package to go to the Debian REPOSITORY and fetch and install a
particular item such as the SAMBA server and other servers. What would
be the bash command line for this kind of operation? Could someone
provide me with the command line for the SAMBA server as an example. I
need to over ride the present behavior of apt-get or aptitude so they
reference packages in the Debian Repository. I have been reading
documentation but can't find information on this specific issue.

Thanks in advance, Ted Hilts. BTW, I have resubscribed but have not
seen any evidence that list traffic is now coming to me so please be
sure to include me ( so I at least get the reply.


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