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Andrew Reid 02-07-2010 11:28 PM

Installing FreeBSD under Xen on Debian Lenny
Hi all --

I'm attempting to install a FreeBSD domU HVM under Xen using
the stock Xen packages in Debian "lenny" (Xen version 3.2), and
I'm running into a problem trying to boot the FreeBSD install CD
on the VM. I'm getting a "BTX halted" error, which seems
to indicate a misconfigured BIOS, but I'm getting nowhere
beyond that with Google.

The dom0 is Debian "lenny" amd64, on an ASUS P5Q Pro
motherboard, which has hardware support for Intel virtualization
tech. (Enabling this is the most commonly reported solution to
the BTX error I've seen, but it was eanbled out of the box for me.)
The CPU is an Intel Core2 Quad Q9400, which also has the necessary
hardware support, so I don't think there's a hardware problem.

The scheme I am trying to use is to have the VM boot off
an image of the install CD, and then run the installer inside
the VM to get everything set up. I have done this successfully for
a Debian HVM domU, although there were some networking issues which
I think are unrelated. The FreeBSD CD image I'm using boots
successfully in VirtualBox, so I know it can at least get that far.

Has anyone done this successfully? Can you share your VM config
file and/or provide clues?

I can of course provide arbitrarily terrifying levels of additional
detail. Thanks in advance.

-- A.
Andrew Reid /

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