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David Baron 01-26-2010 04:20 PM

Wireless Mouse vs. Cell Phone ?? (Found source?)
On Sunday 20 December 2009 22:56:06 David Baron wrote:
> I have had problems with zillions of mouse message errors choking my /var
> partitions with multi-gigabyte syslog and daemon.logs. This cripples Xorg
> paralyzing KDE, KDM, and the only way to get on is from ssh outside, delete
> those files and reboot. I have succeeded in fixing things before it was too
> late from a KDE konsole/yakuake session, deleting the files and restarting
> the borked gpm mouse daemon.
> Question is why? Certain qt4 programs were suspect but these have been
> either corrected or were not the cause.
> One idea. USA cellular phones operate at 1.8 ghz, Europe phones at 900 mhz
> and Israel ones at 800 mhz. I live in Israel. What about that Microsoft
> wireless rodent. Be that also at 800mhz? Be that the problem?
> I have meanwhile requested family members to keep their phones away from
> the computer and the mouse's transmitter.

The mouse is a CB 27mhz device.

The mouse connects to USB (no other option!).

So does "Sansa" MP3 players. One can mount the player's filesystem and add
MP3s and other data and perform any other file operations on it. One also
simply plugs it in to charge its batery.

We just did this. Took dolphin an age to come up with the files and those log
files grew to 100 meg each before I stopped it. Full of:
Jan 26 19:10:48 dovidhalevi /usr/sbin/gpm[3307]: Error in read()ing first: No
such device
Jan 26 19:10:48 dovidhalevi /usr/sbin/gpm[3307]: *** err

Anyone else had such a problem with this or similar USB devices? Fixed it?
To whom to complain?
File a gpm bug?

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