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Old 01-19-2010, 09:39 PM
Mike Viau
Default FW: Freezing on certain HVM DomUs on Debain lenny Dom0

According to http://wiki.xensource.com/xenwiki/XenDom0Kernels

Debian Lenny's rebased Xen.org kernel is not officially supported. Therefor I was hoping someone on the Debian mailing list could take a look at my predicament below.



From: viaum@sheridanc.on.ca
To: xen-users@lists.xensource.com
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2010 09:20:05 -0500
Subject: [Xen-users] Freezing on certain HVM DomUs on Debain lenny Dom0

The actual problem:

As mentioned in the subject, certain HVM DomUs are freezing on the freshly setup Debain Lenny Dom0. I am not sure if the problem has something to do with the very recent hardware I am using (although it appears to be getting detected properly), the slightly older hyper-visor ( version 3.2-1 used vs 3.4 released), or just something I am overlooking or doing wrong.

All the DomUs I have been testing with have been either Live or Installation Linux CD/DVDs. A project known as (http://www.zeroshell.net/eng/) ZeroShell (beta 12) worked perfectly with the HVM configuration. The Linux distribution started up, and I was able to connect to the vnc console with seamless operation as if it was installed natively. Also I think it is worth mentioning the networking worked seamlessly as well which lead me to believe my system proved capable of running HVM guests.

Next I tried both the Ubuntu server 9.10 amd64 installation disc and and the Ubuntu 9.10 alternative amd64 discs. This is when I started getting HVM DomUs locking up. On both cases I was able to connect into the vnc console in where the disc was loaded up and asking the user to selection options at the initial menu. Options such as install Ubuntu and check computer RAM are presented in a graphical form. When the installation option is selected, the DomU freezes, the vnc console goes blank (look like a text cursor is apparent on the upper left corner), and the DomU does nothing although according to the output of xm list on the Dom0, the DomU is still running. If the check RAM option is selected, a text-based instance of memtest fires up and starts check the DomU RAM.

So I am a little confused on what the next step to take would be, I would appreciate anyones advice very much

Below are some details. I'd be happy to provided any more details upon request.

The Hardware:

# cat /proc/cpuinfo

(8 processors found numbered 0-7)
processor****** : 0
vendor_id****** : GenuineIntel
cpu family***** : 6
model********** : 30
model name***** : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU******** 860* @ 2.80GHz
stepping******* : 5
cpu MHz******** : 2800.154
cache size***** : 8192 KB
physical id**** : 0
siblings******* : 1
core id******** : 0
cpu cores****** : 1
apicid********* : 0
initial apicid* : 0
fpu************ : yes
fpu_exception** : yes
cpuid level**** : 11
wp************* : yes
flags********** : fpu de tsc msr pae cx8 apic sep mtrr cmov pat clflush acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht syscall nx lm constant_tsc rep_good pni ssse3 cx16 sse4_
1 sse4_2 popcnt lahf_lm ida
bogomips******* : 5600.97
clflush size*** : 64
cache_alignment : 64
address sizes** : 36 bits physical, 48 bits virtual
power management:


# xm dmesg | grep VMX

(XEN) HVM: VMX enabled

(How ever I did not see vmx on the cpuinfo, perhaps someone can explain?)


VT-d enabled in BIOS,
also VT-d directed I/O was enabled too

The Software:

xen hyper-visor = version 3.2-1-amd64*
xen kernel = 2.6.26-2-xen-amd64


# xm info

host****************** : localhost
release*************** : 2.6.26-2-xen-amd64
version*************** : #1 SMP Thu Nov 5 04:27:12 UTC 2009
machine*************** : x86_64
nr_cpus*************** : 8
nr_nodes************** : 1
cores_per_socket****** : 4
threads_per_core****** : 2
cpu_mhz*************** : 2800
hw_caps*************** : bfebfbff:28100800:00000000:00000140:0098e3fd:00000 000:00000001
total_memory********** : 8182
free_memory*********** : 7010
node_to_cpu*********** : node0:0-7
xen_major************* : 3
xen_minor************* : 2
xen_extra************* : -1
xen_caps************** : xen-3.0-x86_64 xen-3.0-x86_32p hvm-3.0-x86_32 hvm-3.0-x86_32p hvm-3.0-x86_64
xen_scheduler********* : credit
xen_pagesize********** : 4096
platform_params******* : virt_start=0xffff800000000000
xen_changeset********* : unavailable
cc_compiler*********** : gcc version 4.3.1 (Debian 4.3.1-2)
cc_compile_by********* : waldi
cc_compile_domain***** : debian.org
cc_compile_date******* : Sat Jun 28 09:32:18 UTC 2008
xend_config_format**** : 4

DomU Configuration file (changing only the ISO path):

import os, re
arch = os.uname()[4]
if re.search('64', arch):
*** arch_libdir = 'lib64'
*** arch_libdir = 'lib'

kernel = "/usr/" + arch_libdir + "/xen/boot/hvmloader"


memory = 512
shadow_memory = 8
name = "nas01"
#vif = [ 'type=ioemu, bridge=eth0' ]
vif = [ 'type=ioemu, bridge=eth1' ]

# *.img files created with dd if=/dev/zero of=*.img bs=1k seek=8192k count=1

disk = [ 'file:/root/XENSTORE/nas01/nas01.img,ioemu:xvda,w',
******** 'phy:/dev/OneTB-RAID1-VG/OneTB-RAID1-LV,ioemu:xvdb,w',
******** 'file:/root/XENSTORE/nas01/ubuntu-9.10-alternate-amd64.iso,ioemu:xvdc:cdrom,r' ]

#disk = [ 'file:/home/xen1.example.com.img,xvda,w', 'file:/home/ubuntu8_10_server_amd64.iso,xvdc:cdrom,r' ]
#disk = [ 'file:/home/xen1.example.com.img,xvda,w', 'phy:/dev/cdrom,xvdc:cdrom,r' ]

device_model = "/usr/" + arch_libdir + "/xen/bin/qemu-dm"

# boot on floppy (a), hard disk (c) or CD-ROM (d)
# default: hard disk, cd-rom, floppy

on_reboot** = 'restart'
on_crash*** = 'restart'



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