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Zoho Vignochi 01-07-2008 04:33 PM

Virtual terminal fonts grabbled and unreadable

I am running Debian unstable on a ppc with a radeon 9250 pci graphics
card. My problem is that the fonts on any virtual terminal become
unreadable after I shutdown gdm (gnome display manager).

For some setup: During the bootup process the fonts are fine and I can
read all messages printed to screen. If I login using gdm and then
switch to a virtual terminal (ctrl-alt-f1) the fonts are still fine. But
if I issue: 'sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop' then the fonts become totally

I ran into this problem when I wanted to resize my home partition so I
'sudo init 1' and the screen when garbbled. If I restart gdm the fonts
clear up. Any idea on what is going on?


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