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Patrick Wiseman 01-16-2010 05:51 PM

Kernel compile and install does not create initrd
I have compiled a custom kernel, using 'make-kpkg clean && make-kpkg
--initrd --revision=sage.1.0 kernel-image', 'sage' being the name of
my machine. I then installed it, using 'dpkg -i
linux-image-2.6.30_sage.1.0_amd64.deb'. I had thought that would be
enough to create the initrd necessary to boot, but there is no
initrd-image in /boot corresponding to the kernel, and (of course)
none listed in /boot/grub/menu.lst for this kernel's entry. So (again
of course) there's a kernel panic when I attempt to boot using this
kernel. I tried dpkg-reconfigure on the kernel, but no joy.
initramfs and initrd support are enabled in my kernel config. So can
anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? (I'm sure it's obvious, but I'm
not seeing it, and I've read the relevant sections of the Debian Linux
Kernel Handbook.)


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