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T o n g 01-14-2010 07:46 PM

kenerl level cache flushing

I'm having problem flushing cache cleanly to disk -- I'm trying to have
KVM directly access my real HD. Theoretically speaking, if I only allow
one system (host or guest) to access the partition at a time, it would be
safe, right?

This is how I do:

- mount the partition in host
- update the partition in host
- umount the partition in host
- run 'sync; sync; sync' many times in host
- start kvm
- try access/update the partition in kvm guest

The procedure looks fine to me, but it never works. If launching windoze,
the windoze complains that the recently updated part is not accessible.
If using linux guests, the guest access/update the partition fine, but
after stopping kvm, I get a corrupted partition.

So I'm wondering if there is some kenerl level cache that I need to flush
as well, or something else?

Please help.

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